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❶Use your love of elephants and World Elephant Day, August 12, to start a conversation with the next person you meet.

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The largest living land animals are the elephants. Mammals of Africa and Asia, they live in habitats ranging from thick rain forests to savannas. The great size of elephants and the thickness and toughness of their skins protect them from most other animals. Since they have few enemies to fear, elephants are usually peaceful and easygoing.

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Elephants’ skin is thick, wrinkled, and not very hairy. It is grayish to brown in color. An elephant’s trunk is an extension of the nose and upper lip. An elephant uses its trunk to grab food and to put it into the mouth. It can also draw water into the trunk and then blow it into the African elephant has larger ears and a slightly larger body than an Asian elephant. death penalty research paper Elephant Homework Help how to write a letter of application university human services research article discussion paper.

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