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Lung cancer can begin in the windpipe (trachea), the primary airway (bronchus) or the lung tissue. This is not the right section for people who have cancer which has spread to the lungs from somewhere else.

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Lungs are baglike organs, or body parts, used for breathing. They are part of the body’s respiratory system. All animals that have a backbone and breathe air have lungs. When an animal inhales (breathes in), air filled with oxygen flows into the lungs.

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Video: What is Hyperinflation of the Lungs? - Causes, Symptoms & Treatment - Causes, Symptoms & Treatment Hyperinflation is a condition that is often associated with a . Homework Help Lungs homework help lungs Lungs & Respiratory System Problems. The respiratory system is susceptible to a number of diseases, and the lungs are prone to a wide range of disorders caused by Homework Help – Heart Disease The Heart.

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Generally adult lungs measure around cm long, are cm wide and weigh kg. Your lungs breathe in about 2, gallons of air every day – enough for the 2, gallons of blood that go through your heart every day. At night, you inhale and exhale enough air to fill your bedroom! A healthy lung is pink, smooth and shiny. Jan 15,  · The Respiratory System Homework Help team strives to make all the concepts regarding this system absolutely clear to the students. This is why our experts believe that every concept should be explained in a conceptualized and detailed manner/5().