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Gather your note-taking materials. If you bring your glasses, make sure to bring a small microfiber cloth so that you are able to clean them should the need arise. Also, remember to position yourself in an area of the room where you can effectively see and hear the speaker. Before you come to a class, lecture, or meeting, make sure to review your notes from the last time round.

This will bring you fully up to speed and ready to pick up where you left off. If you were advised to do any background reading to prepare for the class, make sure that you get it done.

A good idea would be to outline the section, article, or chapter before hand. Write your outline on one side of the paper so that you can add your class notes to the other side. Be an active listener. When note-taking, many people make the mistake of mindlessly taking down every word, without really comprehending what is being said. This is a mistake. Take notes by hand. Although taking notes on your laptop is convenient, a study conducted at Princeton University has shown that note takers actually retain information better when they take notes by hand.

Focus on key words and concepts. The most important change you can make to improve your note-taking skills is to focus solely on taking down key words and concepts. Identify the most relevant information. Write down individual words or key phrases that are most relevant to the topic at hand -- things like dates, names, theories, definitions -- only the most important details should make the cut.

Eliminate all the filler words and secondary details -- if you wanted those things you could read a textbook. Think about what you want to retain. Why are you taking the class? Why are you attending the seminar? Why did your employer send you to the conference? Prioritize any "new" information.

Use the "question, answer, evidence" method. This is a very effective method of taking notes, as it forces you to engage with the material as you write and allows you to describe the topic in your own words. This technique of paraphrasing information has been proven to help students understand and retain material much more effectively.

Then underneath this answer, you can provide evidence for your conclusion by pointing to specific examples from within the text. This strategy allows you to record all of the relevant information, in a concise, easy-to-read format. Therefore, developing your own system of shorthand writing can help you to write more efficiently and avoid falling behind.

Write a plus sign for the word "and". Also try to abbreviate long words that appear again and again throughout the class or lecture -- for example, instead of writing "popular sovereignty" 25 times over the course of a history class, write "pop sov".

You could also go back and fill in the full-length version of the words after class. If the speaker is still going too fast for you despite your shorthand, consider bringing a recording device to your next class -- this will allow you to listen a second time and fill in any gaps in your notes. Make your notes visually appealing. Here are some tips on how to create more visually appealing notes: Always start on a fresh page. Make sure your writing is legible.

No matter how fast you write, make sure your writing is small, neat and legible, and avoid using cursive handwriting if possible. Line each page with a pen and ruler, giving yourself a wide margin on the left-hand side. This will prevent the page from becoming too overcrowded and will leave you space to write in any additional information once you review your notes. Use symbols and diagrams. Many people find that adding a splash of color to their notes helps to make the information more readable and easier to retain.

This is due to the fact that color stimulates the creative side of your brain, making your notes more interesting and therefore easier to retain. Color-coding helps you to link color with memory, allowing you to remember the contents of your notes with relatively little effort. You could also use a highlighter pen to highlight key words, dates, and definitions. Take notes from your textbook. After a class or lecture, you may want to supplement your notes with information from a textbook.

Taking notes from a textbook is another skill worth mastering. Read any introductions and conclusions, headers and sub-headers, and the first and last line of every paragraph. Also glance over any charts, illustrations or diagrams. Actively read the text: Now go back to the beginning of the text and read it thoroughly from start to finish. Once you have finished a paragraph, go back and highlight any key words, facts, concepts or important quotes. Look for visual cues in the textbook itself -- things like bold or italicized words and the use of color or bullet points are often used to highlight significant points.

Try not to copy full sentences from the text -- this simply wastes time -- and paraphrase using your own words where possible. Review your notes later in the day. Reviewing your notes after class, or later the same day will help you to retain the information much more effectively.

Fill in any blanks. Use your review time to fill in any additional information that you remember from the class or lecture.

Another effective tool for committing your notes to memory is to summarize the information contained in your notes at the bottom of the page. Test yourself on your understanding of the material by covering up your notes and trying to explain the topic to yourself -- out loud or in your head. See how many of the important details you can remember, then read the notes again to recap on any information you might have missed. Explain the material to a friend. Here are some popular memorization techniques you can try: If you have to memorize a chunk of text, one good technique is to read the first line a couple of times, then try to repeat it out loud without looking at the page.

Read the second line a couple of times, then try to repeat the first and second line out loud, without looking at the page. Keep going in this fashion until you can repeat the entire chunk of text without looking at the page. For example, if you wanted to remember the first three elements in Group one of the periodic table hydrogen, helium, and lithium you could use the following story " H arriet and He nry went to the Li brary". Using mnemonic devices is a good way to remember lists of words in a particular order.

To make a mnemonic, simply take the first letter of each word you wish to remember and come up with a short sentence where each word starts with those letters.

Anytime your teacher is teaching the class about something. Not Helpful 19 Helpful Do I have to write the notes that the teacher has on the board, or should I just put it on my own words? Not Helpful 4 Helpful The best thing to do is bullet point your notes.

You can jot them down faster and easier. Not Helpful 26 Helpful Not Helpful 2 Helpful Recorders are not allowed. What can I do? Learn shorthand or develop your own system of shorthand. Also, get into the habit of not copying down what she says so much as your understanding of what has been said. Not Helpful 41 Helpful Sticky notes are additional information after taking initial notes about the topic. For example, if you are taking a quiz about the topic, sticky notes remind you of this without messing with your initial notes.

Not Helpful 12 Helpful My teacher does not allow me to take notes while she is teaching. What should I do? Ask her why first. If she is still unhelpful about it, you can always do your notes after class or if you get a notes package, use that or your textbook to make your own notes. Not Helpful 25 Helpful You could do that, but you should also get your eyesight tested and your vision corrected. When the teacher is teaching I am afraid that she is going to see me and beat me.

What can I do to avoid this? There should be no reason a teacher can beat you. Especially not if she just sees you. This is never acceptable. Not Helpful 5 Helpful You can take notes in class and, when you get home, rewrite them so they are more appealing and understandable.

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